TBF is a branding agency with a deeply holistic ethos. We work in various industries, however our core client base operates within the real estate industry, or are connected to it.

We provide integrated branding and architecture services to real estate developers.

We offer this unique service to support our philosophy that branding, architecture and interior design should be integrated from the start of the real estate brand-building process – at the architectural concept stage, as opposed to the traditional method whereby brand is treated as an add-on and applied afterwards. We can, and often do get involved at various stages of the development cycle.

This methodology applies to all brands with a physical space to consider; retail, hospitality, food & beverage, financial services & banking, for example.

To us, brand is more than a logo and a brochure. Brand in the real estate sector is a lifestyle, a space that evolves into a living, breathing community where people live, work and shop. Real estate branding is all about sustainability – after all, the product is around for decades. And by that we don’t mean sustainability as in ‘green’, and not to disregard eco-friendly building, but we mean your real estate brand should be sustainable. This is where brand standards come in.

A sustainable, holistic real estate brand that has considered and locked-in the end-users desired day-to-day experience, from the design of the building all the way through to the facilities management is a real estate brand of the future, a valuable one at that.

A flashy website and luxury real estate brochure is great – but not as a standalone solution. In a partnership spirit, we help developers create the vision, visualize and package the entire brand experience, including the brand standards. The developers’ role is to deliver it.

If you also believe that luxury is more than a logo, pick up the telephone, we’d love to speak with you!


The Brand Foundation is a Dubai-based branding agency that specialises in the real estate sector,
with partners, associates and support services in the UK, KSA and India.


The Brand Foundation (TBF) is a branding agency that doesn’t advocate formulaic brand analysis frameworks. Over the years, experience has taught us that a single framework doesn’t fit all.

TBF understands that your business objectives are unique and as a listening agency, consequently, our approach mirrors that. We will never ask you ‘What car you are?’ unless it’s relevant. At The Brand Foundation, relevance is king. We prefer a pragmatic, bespoke approach that’s based on empirical objectives, ie we listen to you before we suggest our preferred methodology.

Following on from that, a TBF proposal is a bespoke one and our solutions are not only holistic but are presented with your strategic objectives firmly in mind.

The Brand Foundation is a Dubai-based branding agency with partners, associates and support services in the UK, KSA and India.

“We take it upon ourselves to consider the design of our architectural projects at every point in the process, from inception to delivery, at all levels from procedure to aesthetics and at every scale from detail to masterplan.”

At The Brand Foundation, architectural design is the process and buildings are the result. We should be measured by the quality of the design of these products. We do not promote overdesign – in other words, design for design sake – such as extraneous elements and after thoughts. Design is, at its best, barely noticeable. It should have an understated confidence that is simple, elegant and efficient.

Good design is an enabler that allows us to live efficiently and in harmony with our environment. It should permit at its most basic, good hygiene and ergonomic efficiency and at best, piece of mind, tranquillity and a better quality of life. Further more good architecture should stimulate the senses providing tactile and visceral pleasure. We use it as a springboard for the regeneration of failing areas of cities or as an indicator of quality and standards, in order that the projects are elevated head and shoulders above their peers.

The Brand Foundation - luxury penthouse design

For us, in the way we work and our products, good design has many guises. Our accounting and legal procedures are derived from, and benchmarked by, British Standards and formats (good design is about standards as much as anything else). All our projects are initially conceived in house and delivered in house. That is to say, our architectural team works in concert with our creative and brand team to crystallise
the very first ideas and outline concepts for the projects, if you like a brief writing process. Those ideas are developed through a series of workshops, using drawings, models and 3D applications. Once initial designs have been agreed, the project delivery team (project managers, surveyors, engineers and quantity surveyors) are then appointed to oversee the evolution of the design stages through a series of impact studies, specialist consultant reports and further critiques and workshops, submissions and approvals.

When a project moves into or close to construction, design aspects remain privileged, so that logistical and economic barriers do not compromise the projects appearance and functionality. We stand closely by this process and manifesto. It distinguishes us as an organisation, allowing for hitherto rarely seen levels of joined up thinking and continuity.

Adam Covell. riba
Director of Architecture, The Brand Foundation

At The Brand Foundation, we’re renowned for our work in the real estate sector; our philosophy is a simple one; for brand cohesion to facilitate long-term value – real estate branding is at its best when applied holistically. A pretty brochure isn’t enough anymore. Potential buyers/tenants want the whole picture, all the way through to the facilities management of the property. Don’t kid yourself by thinking that a stylish brochure and logo is all it takes to sell/occupy your units…

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