TBF finds room for improvement in the Dubai workplace

The real estate industry’s specialist branding agency, The Brand Foundation (TBF) has released the findings of its research into people’s attitudes and feelings about where they work. The research reveals some surprising dissatisfaction when it comes to the office environment.

Almost half of all respondents stated that they were not satisfied with their workplace, stating a range of issues as reasons for their unrest. Insufficient parking, dated interiors and a lack of quality amenities nearby were common gripes.

Lisa Knight, TBF’s Founder said: “Despite the fact that much of the office space in the UAE is relatively new, it’s surprising to see that so many people are unhappy with their workplace. Our survey shows that there is more to creating an attractive workplace than just a smart office. People spend a lot of their time in their office, often more so than in their own homes, so a more holistic approach when it comes to planning parking, shops, cafes and meeting places would go a long way to boosting the happiness of the workforce.”

Equally revealing is the fact that people rate location and environment more highly than pay and holidays when it comes to choosing their place of work.

“As we head into a new year, employers would be wise to realise that they don’t necessarily have to pay the highest salaries or give generous holiday allowances.  Just providing a pleasant place to work with nearby amenities is a major plus when it comes to attracting and retaining quality employees,’ Lisa added.

The workplace satisfaction survey was carried out by The Brand Foundation during November and December 2011.  Full copies of the results are available on request.

The Brand Foundation is a Dubai-based branding agency that provides holistic, creative and strategic branding solutions that create long-term value. TBF’s speciality focus is real estate branding, emerging markets.


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  1. excellent work…..thanks for sharing…..i will return looking for more updates…..keep us posted

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